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A free beginner guide on how to buy cryptocurrency in Canada.


New to cryptocurrency? We’ve gathered all you need to know about buying and selling crypto for Canadian users. This site was started because we found a lack of up to date and reliable information for Canadians. The content is gathered from the online crypto community with the most popular, highest rated resources listed. Are we missing something? Let us know!

General Process



The original cryptocurrency and the one that started it all, Bitcoin has the biggest market cap to date around $600-800 billion USD, overshadowing all other cryptocurrencies in this list, combined.



Litecoin was released by a former Google employee, as an alternative to Bitcoin. Overall, Litecoin is similar to Bitcoin – it can be mined, used as currency and transacted for goods and services.



Ripple, is actually a real-time gross settlement system, currency exchange and remittance network. It has been integrated into banks and payment networks to reduce costs.



Peer-to-peer smart contracts are what Ethereum is known for, aside from the cryptocurrency. It enables people to code and enact contracts without third parties.

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